The 21st Century Innovations in Underground Mining Equipment

If you take a close look at the current trends in the mining industry, you will realize just how much the mining industry is currently overflowing with many kinds of radical underground mining technology and equipment with companies like Caterpillar or the Atlas Copco both already having launched and released some of the most technologically-advanced machinery and equipment in the recent years alone. And you will realize that the pace isn’t slowing down either with the evolution of equipment that is becoming faster, safer, and smarter, and helps most of the mining companies to improve their productivity levels all while keeping the operating costs at a minimum.

So, without much questioning, let’s dive in and discuss some of the innovations that some of these tech giants have come up with for the mining industry and what we can expect from them in the future as well.

  1. Caterpillar

Caterpillar Inc. has been the granddaddy and leading innovation expert in the field for decades with its remarkable products and designs of some of the best innovative mining equipment available in the market today. You can call it the “King of innovation.” Caterpillar produces some of the most reliable and respected equipment that the mining industry has to offer.

Cat R3000H Loader is currently the company’s latest innovation and already, it strives for excellence and demands attention, gets the job done and the load-haul-dump machine is currently the largest loader that the company has ever manufactured. It provides an increase in the trucks loading capacity, breakout performance, enhanced digging, faster speeds on grade, and a strengthened front frame as well.

It is the greatest and largest in the company’s innovative model line of all the mining vehicles for the underground mines.

  1. Sandvik

Sandvik mining is currently one of the many leading global suppliers of the mining equipment and tools in the mining industry with services and technical solutions which they also offer as well. Sandvik produces some of the best mining equipment which can be used to work in some of the toughest conditions. Industries can now perform safe underground operations and at the same time maintain high productivity with the help of this equipment.

The Sandvik DD321 drill rig features some of the best drilling capacities with its dual matching boom jumbo. It is engineered for the protective access of all the underground work and functions. All regular maintenance done on this rig are initiated at the ground level without necessarily having to open the housing.

  1. Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is currently the world leader in all sustainable productivity solutions and develops products and services which are more focused on productivity, safety, energy efficiency, and ergonomics. Their main standout machinery is the Scooptram ST18 which has been designed to match the Atlas Copco’s Minetruck MT6020 which has a 60-ton capacity and provides a bucket design that tests also show can give considerably better muckpile penetration. You will also notice that it’s optimized bucket also gives a quicker loading cycle, which means more tons a month.

  1. Joy Global

Joy Global is a company based in the USA and manufactures mining equipment for both the surface and underground mining and they also offer some of the best custom-engineered equipment in the industry. Then comes the Joy quadbolters which feature up to four HFX bolting units that are semi-automatic and are wear-resistant bolters which minimize their maintenance and downtime. They are also equipped with temporary roof support systems as well as a protective canopy of the operators.

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How GPS And Wi-Fi Help In Indoor Navigation

When mapping the indoor environment, Wi-Fi performs better than GPS. While the GPS is critical while navigating the outdoors, it cannot penetrate the concrete walls and floors. In the high-rise buildings, mapping without the gps for indoors can be a daunting task. Wi-Fi plays a huge role in pinpointing the exact locations of objects in various floors of a multistory building. Considering that the Wi-Fi access points exist in many buildings, a technician can help you to install an indoor positioning system that works. This system comes in handy whenever you are shopping in a large mall or visiting an exhibition center. If you download the map of the building, you can find the location of every item with ease. In addition, you will also get the directions to the exact location.


Indoor positioning in shopping malls

If you want to go shopping, investing in a system that combines the indoor and outdoor navigation systems will help you to find the directions to the store as well. Such a system is vital whenever you are shopping online. When you find the items that you need to buy, the system will also provide the directions to the cash registers as well as the exits. Since wayfinding is critical in a mall or exhibition center, having such a system can work to your advantage. In the wake of the mobile phones and other products that can use Wi-Fi for indoor navigation, you can use the modern technology at an affordable cost.


Avoid the pitfalls of navigation positioning system

The sure way to circumvent the pitfalls of indoor navigation is to download the current map of the building. If you use an old map, you might struggle to find your way around the building. The layout of buildings can change after the owners undertake some renovations, meaning that you need the current map to navigate the indoor world. While a smartphone can give you some accurate images and directions, the modern versions of the indoor navigation software are compatible with the conventional mobile phones. If you can read the indoor maps from your phone, you do not have to invest in a smartphone to navigate a shopping mall, hospital, or airport.


How Wi-Fi Overcomes the Limitations of GPS

Wi-Fi comes in a broad range of networks that can navigate through the corridors, walls, ceilings, and floors. The accuracy of this signal depends on several factors, and the best way to address the limitations of Wi-Fi is to consult your service provider. If you invest in the modern technology, you will improve your indoor navigation system significantly. While you need a strong signal to access the indoor navigation for the military, most of the commercial buildings do not require to upgrade the system.

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5 Aviation Software Techniques To Reduce Flight Delays


Flight delays are lately increasing significantly largely attributable to the increasing congestion in major airports as they try to accommodate more travelers. There has been a rising demand for air travel. The limiting factor is airport capacity which can hardly support a large number of scheduled flights. Various methods of intervention have been developed using modern aviation software to seek to contain this impasse.


Airlines are usually called upon on a roundtable to work out a solution. This is usually, however, a compromise on the two concerning the scheduling of flights to ensure minimal congestion. The airlines will agree on a settlement strategy, a technique that generally favors incumbents over entrants and is usually a cost compromise and not usually beneficial for consumers.


Airport extension usually solves the problem of capacity scarcity while traffic control systems ensure flexibility in traffic flow in and out of airports. Investments can be done in expanding runways both quantitatively and qualitatively. Though this usually solves the problem in the short term. Expansion of other physical capacities such as gates is also necessary. Traffic control systems enhance flexibility and intensive use of the existing physical capacity. For instance detection of distances between planes and advising pilots correctly on effective landing times which reduces delays in landing. Pilots also communicate directly with nearby planes.


Development of software that manages the landing of planes at airports. This software can be installed on computers on the cockpit. It automatically calculates speeds and positions of other planes which allow pilots to know the distances they must maintain between planes which ensure planes land in a more predictable and timely fashion. It also helps reduce fuel consumption, saves time and reduces the noise generated by aircraft in addition to reducing delays.


Better communication between planes helps reduce delays. This ensures proper scheduling of flights. Information on the accurate position of an aircraft on the ground and its arrival information makes it easier for traffic controllers and flight operators to handle more precisely hundreds of flights. This information can be cloud stored to ensure that everyone in different airports can access it immediately which saves time and costs. Ground position information is also helpful in detecting areas with constraints to flow of traffic which can later be rectified.


The presence of accurate 24-hour prediction in advance forecasts ensures that travelers and pilots are aware of existing conditions for flights. Passengers can be directed to other airports or postpone flights in poor weather.

Reducing airport congestion is usually important for airlines and should be a concerted effort between various stakeholders. It is evident that technology is going to play an important role. For efficiency in this process, decision making by airlines, efficient data sharing systems, accurate weather forecasts and traffic management are necessary. All this has been made possible by the modern aviation maintenance software.









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6 Tips To Get The Best Of Your Real Estate CRM

The best way to ensure you have a successful career as a real estate agent is to know how to manage your real estate contacts. Having a real estate CRM means you got a good handle on your database and it also saves you effort and time. That way you can dedicate more resources to grow your clients while having a solid business foundation.

When you use a real estate CRM, it simplifies complicated processes, keeps you organized and ultimately makes your day more productive. If you haven’t used a real estate CRM software before the following tips will get you up to speed and show you how to the software can benefit both your business as well as your clients.

1. Keep your list tidy
As an agent you probably have a problem keeping all your contact information in one place. Just finding the one client you’re looking for takes a lot of time. You have to search your emails, your spreadsheets, and your notes not to mention your phone to try to contact them. By the time you find them you’d have wasted a lot of time. Real estate contact management systems keep everything tidy and right where you can easily access them. A real estate CRM software keeps phone numbers, names, birthdays, and important details that you’ll need in a hurry about your clients. Everything is safe and you won’t risk losing any of your documents.

2. Add a new contact on a daily basis
As your business grows, so would your contact list. Try to add a new business contact every day and watch your list evolve into a profitable business. Those new contacts might not be clients for now, but someday they will need to move or find a new place. They are the people you meet every day, connect with or make friends. As you add them to your phone, also add them to your contact list. One day they’ll need your services and then you’ll have all their information right there at your fingertips.

3. Always stay in touch
It’s important to remember every one of your clients’ birthdays and even anniversaries. That’s how they remember you’re their favorite agent. In order to do that you’ll need to automate reminders that can be generated by the real estate CRM software. The software will remind you that you need to send them a birthday card or call them to wish them a happy anniversary.

4. Keep track of your results
When you send a newsletter or start a marketing campaign through emails you want to know who’s opening those emails and who’s clicking on the links you send. This interaction with your emails provides you with valuable feedback on how your campaign is doing and how your clients perceive your work. A real estate CRM will generate reports that show how engaging your emails are and whether they’re creating leads for your business.

5. Get those leads immediately
As an agent you know that without leads your business won’t grow and flourish. Capturing those leads can be challenging especially when you’re busy doing a million other things at the same time. That’s where automatic lead capture comes to the rescue. It can capture those leads online and store them in the database. They’ll be there when you look for them waiting to be turned into new business opportunities.

6. Both easy and powerful at the same time
Most real estate contact management systems have the best features you need without overwhelming you with loads of other settings and features that would waste your time. Choose the one that works well out of the box and doesn’t need a ton of configurations. A complicated CRM can waste your time and lead to errors when using it.

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7 Simple Printer Maintenance Tips

The difference between a home printer designed for personal use and a business printer is like the difference between a drone and a fighter jet. They both can fly, but the drone is limited and capabilities and scope. Business printers are networked printers that cater to the needs of everyone working in the same office. They save on resources, are more durable, and won’t break down as much as the other variety. Business printers have many functionalities and can scan, copy, print, and fax all in one machine. Which is why you need to maintain them.

Just like most modern gadgets, office printers come in different sizes and shapes. Each colour laser printer has its own set of features and capabilities which can be a challenge if you’re in the market looking for a printer for small business. However the following tips should help you maintain your printer and make it last longer.

1. Clean your print head
The printer head is the one part of the machine responsible for dispensing of ink or toner depending on which type of colour laser printer you’re using. You need to clean the print head at least once a month to prevent ink/toner clogging. To do that use warm water and a piece of clean cloth. Remember to remove the cartridge first. Don’t use tissues or alcohol to do the cleaning. Let it dry before reinstalling the cartridge.

2. Clean the insides
Business printers and office photocopiers alike need to be maintained regularly. Dust and grime pile up inside the machines and eventually will stop it from functioning properly. Open up the machine and use a piece of dry cloth to wipe away the dust. Remember to be gentle and not use too much force or pressure while cleaning it since most of the inner parts are fragile. If you encounter stubborn grime in the corners use compressed air or Q-tips to gently remove it.

3. Check under the hood
Just like a car, a printer for small business needs to be checked under the hood. What you’re looking for are any broken or jammed parts. Usually you’ll get a warning from the machine if something isn’t working well, that’s why you need to pay attention to the maintenance lights. If you get an alert from the printer take immediate action to prevent any serious damage. Replacing a small part can be cost effective comparing to replacing the whole printer.

4. Choose the right refill
Most inkjet printers cost a lot when it comes to refilling cartridges. If you think you’d save money by using cheap cartridges you’d be doing yourself a disservice. Cheap and generic cartridges do more damage to your machine and cost you more money in the long run. They also produce low-quality printing and waste more ink than they use. Always buy the branded cartridges recommended by the manufacturer.

5. Be careful when you replace cartridges
You’d better follow the instructions in the manual when replacing cartridges. This process is usually tricky and you’ll be doing it a lot. Don’t touch the bottom of the cartridge when replacing it since it affects the quality of the print. Also as mentioned high-quality cartridges are not as sensitive to the touch as the knock-offs you get cheap.

6. Replace cartridges before they dry up
If you wait until last minute before you replace the cartridge thinking you’d get every last print out of it, you risk damaging your machine. The colour laser printer alerts you when they run low on ink so that’s the best time to replace the cartridge.

7. Turn it off
When not using your office printers or office photocopiers for some time better switch them off. Even when on standby printers still generate a lot of heat which can dry the printer header and the ink cartridges. This can lead to a clogged header and damage the machine itself.

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7 Benefits Of Integrated Cloud Services

Cloud services refer to the technology that allows different devices like phones, computers, and tablets to access shared resources, information and applications over the internet. Using a service like Azure management, the user doesn’t have to install the app in order to use it. Instead they can store and get access to all their files on the cloud from anywhere that has an internet connection.

On the cloud resides the operating system as well as all the databases, configurations, and software applications that are necessary to run the system. The user doesn’t have to deal with any of those; only the app which saves on resources and ensures a high level of security.

Microsoft Azure works well with different devices running different operating systems. That way interoperability and agility are guaranteed which makes it a better choice for businesses looking for integrated cloud services. To get the most out of the managed public cloud the organization needs to implement different IT solutions and open source technologies.

1. Synced Information

Syncing apps, getting security updated installed and applied automatically, and getting the most recent information are all benefits of using managed public cloud. If one user makes a change to a file or a document on the cloud the other users get it in real time. This allows different teams collaborating remotely to work together without delays or unintended errors.

2. Better functionality

With Microsoft Azure you get different modules all working together at high efficiency. All functions are automated which yields high degrees of accuracy of the operations across the platform. In a seamless system like data centre management all system to system operations don’t need human input which speeds up the information sharing in flawless symmetry.

3. Streamline business goals

Moving all businesses to the managed public cloud and thanks to Azure management you get to streamline all aspects of your business from logistics and marketing to procurement and management. This puts the focus on the overall business goals which can be shared by various entities where everyone gets to work on those goals with instantaneous reporting and feedback.

4. Security

Access to all parts of the cloud is secured with confidential credentials only the specific user can use them. Verification of the user takes place on the cloud through a set of security protocols which protects not only the files and information on the cloud but ensures the security of the integrated cloud services themselves.

5. Flexibility and Scalability

As the organization grows and more business resources are needed, the managed public cloud and open source technologies can accommodate this growth by offering simple solutions to either upgrade or downgrade their packages. This cost-effective way of operating the business makes the cloud the best option for organizations focused on the bottom line.

6. Higher availability

Because all the services are stored on the cloud, any user with the right access can get to use these services. This high availability creates greater opportunities for sharing and collaborating on the cloud. It also makes the organization’s infrastructure more efficient. People can work on different time zones, and geographic boundaries are overcome because all a user needs is an internet connection to access these services.

7. Reduced costs

Because the services on the cloud are fully automated this cuts down on the human element which reduces overhead and costs of running operations. Add to that the integration of open source technologies and IT solutions eliminates the need for middleware and costly experts to run the infrastructure.

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8 Reasons for Installing Security Systems for your Driveway

Installing a driveway alarm will guarantee the security of your home and properties. This alarm alerts you when someone appears in the driveway or your vehicle is being moved automatically. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a security system to boost your driveway’s security.



1. Keeps away Intruders

Installing a security system is crucial for keeping away intruders when you are at home or work. For instance, a driveway motion sensor releases a loud noise when it detects an intruder in your driveway. You can call the police or check your driveway when the system goes off.


2. Child and Pet Safety

Installing a driveway security gate will help you to monitor your driveway and the presence of an unauthorized person. Your child or pet will be safe when the driveway security gate has an alarm that keeps away abductors.

Peace of mind

3. Peace of Mind

You will have peace of mind when you have a driveway alarm for detecting the entry of another person or car on the driveway. The security system will also enable you to keep your family safe since it alerts you about an intruder throughout the day and at night.

Increase in value

4. Increased Property Value

A wireless alarm will boost your property value when you consider selling it in the future. Buyers often prioritize the security of a property before purchasing. A good security system will allow you to increase your selling price and make more profits from selling the property.


5. Easy to Install

Installing a security system like a driveway motion sensor alarm requires mounting the device by the driveway. It can use to detect any form of movement on the driveway, and it can withstand any weather including extreme wind.


6. Sensitivity

Technology advancement has improved security systems such as the wireless alarm detects vehicle motion using the infra-red motion detectors. The system can also send and transfer signals within a range of 400feet; thus, alerting you when there are activities in the driveway.


7. Accuracy

Some security systems for the driveway are created accurately to restrict the alerts to cars. They do not chime when a pet or person walks over your driveway. The security systems also have accuracy adjustments that remove false alarms from the nearby traffic.


8. Protects your Property

Installing a Drive-Alert Vehicle Detection System for your car will enable you to detect when your vehicle is being moved in the driveway. A signal is transmitted to the control panel from the sensor when the vehicle is driven from its original spot.

In conclusion, you should consider installing an alarm system from Absolute Automation for your driver to protect your properties. Your car can also have a drive alert to signal you when your car is moving without your authorization.

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5 Ways to Protect Your VPS Server From Attacks

VPS hosting is a highly efficient way to store and manage private and sensitive data. However, it is not exempted from security threats. Here is a list of five things you need to take care of to ensure the information in your VPS server is secure.

1. Do a Thorough Audit of the Server

The first and the most important thing you need to do is to conduct a thorough audit of the server. This way, you will know the potential risks your system faces and understand which areas are more likely to be affected. There are several tools you can use to conduct an audit. For a one-time audit, you can use Baseline, Profiler, DSAuditors and SQL Watch. For repeated audits, you can establish a customizable and automated auditing system with Logwatch.

In addition to determining the potential risks your system faces, you need to take a closer look at the applications and services running on your VPS server. Identify which applications are necessary for the VPS to function and which ones need restructuring.

Note, all audits should apply to all systems, including dedicated servers.

2. Update Regularly

Update your VPS server regularly, ensuring that it has the latest security software. This is important because updates contain new security patches whose vulnerabilities plague those found in the older ones. Also, make sure you have backups of every information on your VPS to prevent huge losses during updates.

3. Limit Server Access

You need to limit server access to only those people who need it. You can use an advanced policy firewall (APF) to allow easy management of your firewall rules or ConfigServer firewall (CFS) that also control firewall rules but has more advanced features. Alternatively, you can close some open ports in the server firewall. Only allow open ports that are needed for external communication. You can also activate the cPHulk protection to automatically block individuals who try to gain access with incorrect details.

4. Use Strong Passwords

The first security mechanism for all services that run on your server should be a strong password. Make sure you are using a password that is difficult to crack. It can be a combination of numbers, letters or special characters. You can also use abbreviations of sentences you can easily recall.

5. Be Vigilant Against Common Security Threats

You need to maintain constant vigilance of your system. Remain constantly aware of the possible security threats your system may be predisposed to at any given moment and come up with effective preventive mechanisms to deal with such threats if they occur. Run regular virus scans and check your security logs more often. Disable all compilers and use Apache 2.2 or higher for the system. Also, configure your system to display any warning messages whenever there is unauthorized access. You may find it useful to visit Cirrus Tech for more information.

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Cloud Technology Security Threats and Ways of Fixing Them

Some people often dismiss cloud technology saying that it’s disruptive. But, cloud computing isn’t the main problem here. Management, security protocols, and poor network execution are the major issues. The biggest barriers to a secure hybrid cloud include lack of encryption, poor compliance, reduced data redundancy, insufficient risk assessment, and data leakage among other threats.

Managers are often never ready. They need to know all the possible stumbling blocks. Here are some hybrid cloud security threats that should be avoided:

1. Insufficient security risk assessment

Failing to do conclusive risk profiles for the IT systems and infrastructure obstructs the network administrators from knowing how, when, and where an intrusion occurred. This makes it virtually impossible to prevent future breaches.

How to Fix it

This problem can be fixed by performing rigorous risk assessment and prevention procedures at all times. IPS/IDS systems must be used to scan for malicious traffic. The activation of log monitoring must be done and the software updated soonest possible.

2. DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is becoming more insidious each day. The main reason behind it is because they are distributed maliciously from various sources and generated at one central location. By the time the team notices the attacks, the websites are often rendered helpless, and the network traffic brought to a halt.

How to Fix it

The best way to fend off such an attack is by deploying a DDoS protection and mitigation device that can process all the incoming and outgoing traffic continuously. The device acts immediately in the event a multi-vector attack occurs. An IT disaster recovery team will also help a lot.

3. Poor security management

Most managers do not employ authentication, authorization and identity management procedures for their cloud. The necessary cloud security protocols have to be integrated.

How to Fix it

Synchronization of the security data must be done and controls for both clouds replicated. A company can also use clouds such as Drupal to build a dynamic and easy-to-update website. They provide excellent web hosting services to their clients. You get a managed hosting platform that will assist the organization to manage its security.

4. Poor compliance

Hybrid cloud hosting has to be managed with great caution. Both the private and public cloud providers must stay within the set compliance parameters. It is a bit difficult to maintain and demonstrate compliance with the hybrid cloud model since the information keeps moving back and forth.

How to Fix it

Both clouds need to be coordinated. The public cloud provider as well as the private cloud should not only be compliant but also demonstrate the compliance of both clouds while working together. They also need to meet the set data security industry standards, especially when handling sensitive data. The information on the Carbon60 Networks website may have additional insights and can provide you with further support.

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Why You Should Use A Recruiter When Filling A Marketing Role

Marketing is one of the most important functions of a successful company. It is a way to connect with customers in a manner that they can appreciate and understand. However, not everyone has what it takes to market effectively. How can marketing recruiters help you find someone who has the skills necessary to win over customers?

Recruiters Will Scour Resumes for Relevant Keywords

In poor to average economic times, it may be possible to receive dozens or hundreds of applications per job posted. This means that you are going to get applicants who don’t meet your needs or requirements. Instead of sifting through all of these documents, a recruiter can scan through and remove any resumes that don’t have the skills or experience that you are looking for. Taking this step alone could avoid going through days of fruitless interviews and the lost productivity that comes with it.

Recruiters Can Conduct Screening Interviews on Your Behalf

A recruiter may be willing to conduct initial interviews with those who meet the basic requirements for the job. These interviews can further narrow the field to two or three people who are best qualified for the job and look like good fits for your organization’s culture. At this point, you can choose to do the final interviews yourself feeling good that you won’t make the wrong choice because your prime candidates have been thoroughly vetted.

Don’t Risk Playing Favorites When Hiring

If you run a small business, it may be tempting to hire your son, your brother-in-law or a friend from a previous job. While it is great to work with people you know, you may overlook the person who is most qualified for the job. To ensure the long-term survival of your company, you only want those who are qualified to fill their roles today and can be further developed into the future. Using a recruiter increases the odds of a dispassionate and objective candidate selection process.

Recruiters May Have a Larger Pool to Choose From

A recruiter may have a large number of contacts to call upon when looking to fill a job opening for your business. These people may be individuals looking for work or those who may be looking to make a move to further their career. Regardless of why they are available, they may be willing to jump at the chance to join your company because they trust the person contacting them about the opening.

Finding good help can be difficult. It can be even harder if you don’t know the type of person you are looking for. With the help of a recruiter, you can find the right person for the job and feel good about spending money to acquire his or her knowledge and future potential.

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