Why Security Testing Services are Essential to Software Development Process

Today’s fast-paced world calls for increased focus on boosting user experience by rapidly releasing new applications and software. With this need for speed, many organizations are starting to feel that they do not have enough time to focus on security, which raises the risk to the critical business applications that hold sensitive customer and corporate data. These business applications are highly vulnerable, with 80 percent of cyber attacks occurring at the application layer. Just recently, soft wares were viewed as a low risk since they were majorly internal and you only needed to secure the infrastructure. But now, softwares are now available to the world, and it is clear that a security approach that is more proactive is required. To achieve a secure and positive user experience, business owners need to incorporate security testing services in their software development lifecycle.

Importance of Software Security Testing

Security testing ensures that the organization’s systems and applications are free from loopholes that may lead to a significant loss. The process involves finding out all the possible weaknesses and gaps in a system which might result in the loss of data either at the hands of employees or outsiders in an organization.

From a project management perspective, security testing services are basically meant to certify a system’s compliance with safety requirements and also to identify potential security weaknesses within the system. When we look at it from a business point of view, security testing is often done to protect an organization’s brand or reputation, reduce overall project costs, reduce litigation expenses, or comply with regulatory requirements. Identifying and rectifying software security weaknesses before product deployment help in realizing these business goals.

From a software development point of view, security weaknesses identified through security integration testing can be looked at in the same way as the “conventional” software defects that are discovered through basic software testing processes. Within the software industry, it is unanimously accepted that software errors detected earlier during the development process are quite cheaper to rectify than those realized later in the process.

For instance, software defects discovered by the developer during unit tests will basically involve just the developer and will not require a huge amount of effort to identify and correct. On the other hand, if the same software defect is identified after the deployment of the product to the customer, a big number of personnel as well as internal processes will be required to detect and correct, and this might cost significantly more.

System Integration Testing help in reducing vulnerabilities within an application or software system. If they are not exposed before deployment, these vulnerabilities will require extra development effort and technical troubleshooting to rectify it. Organizations that incorporate security integration testing throughout the software life cycle development understand that tackling issues early enough can lead to a lot of cost savings. For more information, visit the QA Consultants website.

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How Can Visitor Tracking Stats Assist With Improving Web Marketing?

Statistics might be a little dull to review. Entrepreneurs who are heavily involved with a business they feel great passion towards might not be too inclined to check out website tracking software stats. Little things such as reviewing stats and staying on top of lead generation software reports are not anywhere near a “little” as some perceive.

Anything that aids the process of generating sales is nothing that should be dismissed. Instead, reviewing stats allows for making revisions to online marketing strategies. These revisions can then be employed to boost revenues, which is the primary purpose of publishing a commercial website.

Drawing Visitors

Visitor tracking is vitally important to examine because the visitors are the customers. Granted, only a small portion of visitors are likely to be converted to actual customers. Boosting the volume of visitors to the site increases the chances of making more sales. Logically, business owners will invest a lot of effort into email lead generation. This definitely can help bring people to the site. What if the visitors don’t like what they see, though? The visitors are going to leave.

Tracking the Visitor Stats

If an enormous number of people are landing on a website and then departing rather quickly, this could be a sign of a problem. Now, there is going to be a percentage of visitors who simply do not stay on a site. When the number of people who stay on the site only briefly is dramatically high, this should be alarming. Something is amiss with the website and probably needs to be fixed. More resources can be found at Clickback Inc.,or speak with one of their experts if you require additional insights.

Without reviewing the visitor tracking stats, the information needed to make changes would not be known. This is true when targeting consumers or taking part in B2B marketing endeavors.

A point has to be made here. Unflattering stats should not yield a panicked response.

No Overreactions

Reading the stats might lead to some less-than-positive information. Overreacting to the stats is a common response. An overreaction is not the best response — and that is putting things mildly.

The right attitude to take is to review all the visitor logs and other statistics the tracking service reveals. Make appropriate changes when the statistics seem to reveal a trending problem. This would be the mature and appropriate path to take.

The Right Tools

Purchasing and installing the best possible website tracking software is critical to getting the best and most detailed information. Investing in the best possible software is strongly recommended.

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How GPS And Wi-Fi Help In Indoor Navigation

When mapping the indoor environment, Wi-Fi performs better than GPS. While the GPS is critical while navigating the outdoors, it cannot penetrate the concrete walls and floors. In the high-rise buildings, mapping without the gps for indoors can be a daunting task. Wi-Fi plays a huge role in pinpointing the exact locations of objects in various floors of a multistory building. Considering that the Wi-Fi access points exist in many buildings, a technician can help you to install an indoor positioning system that works. This system comes in handy whenever you are shopping in a large mall or visiting an exhibition center. If you download the map of the building, you can find the location of every item with ease. In addition, you will also get the directions to the exact location.


Indoor positioning in shopping malls

If you want to go shopping, investing in a system that combines the indoor and outdoor navigation systems will help you to find the directions to the store as well. Such a system is vital whenever you are shopping online. When you find the items that you need to buy, the system will also provide the directions to the cash registers as well as the exits. Since wayfinding is critical in a mall or exhibition center, having such a system can work to your advantage. In the wake of the mobile phones and other products that can use Wi-Fi for indoor navigation, you can use the modern technology at an affordable cost.


Avoid the pitfalls of navigation positioning system

The sure way to circumvent the pitfalls of indoor navigation is to download the current map of the building. If you use an old map, you might struggle to find your way around the building. The layout of buildings can change after the owners undertake some renovations, meaning that you need the current map to navigate the indoor world. While a smartphone can give you some accurate images and directions, the modern versions of the indoor navigation software are compatible with the conventional mobile phones. If you can read the indoor maps from your phone, you do not have to invest in a smartphone to navigate a shopping mall, hospital, or airport.


How Wi-Fi Overcomes the Limitations of GPS

Wi-Fi comes in a broad range of networks that can navigate through the corridors, walls, ceilings, and floors. The accuracy of this signal depends on several factors, and the best way to address the limitations of Wi-Fi is to consult your service provider. If you invest in the modern technology, you will improve your indoor navigation system significantly. While you need a strong signal to access the indoor navigation for the military, most of the commercial buildings do not require to upgrade the system.

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